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Welcome to the Amb-OS support page.  Information and utilities posted to this page may be used free of charge in support of installation, operation,  and/or troubleshooting of Amb-OS's AMR-100 satellite receiver.

Should you need to contact a support technician please call 1-877-AMBOS2U (1-877-262-6728).

You may also email support@amb-os.com with questions or issues.


Antenna Peaking and Cross-polarization Adjustment Instructions

CRC Frequency Change 4/11/2016

CRC Symbol Rate Change 3/2/2015

AMR-100 SSD Drive Replacement from Reyware


AMR-100 Installation Instructions (Quick Start)

AMR-100 Manual

AMR-100I Installation Instructions (Quick Start)

AMR-100I Manual

User Interface (UI) Software Installation Instructions (Quick Start)

User Interface (UI) Software Installation Instructions

User Interface (UI) Software Manual

User Interface (UI) Software Stand-alone Helpfile (HTML)

User Interface (UI) Software FTP Module Manual

User Interface (UI) Software Playlist Manual

User Interface (UI) Software
*NOTE: these are beta releases of the UI Software subject to testing

Stand-alone Playlist Editor (.zip)

Live Program Time-Shifting Manual

Amb-UX Linux Repository