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These outstanding broadcasts are being delivered via Amb-OS on a regular basis -- keep checking here for additions!

(To learn more about any program you can click to link to the ministry's webpage with full details and audition material.)

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* Programs in red font are LIVE BROADCASTS
A 60 Second Look at Sports Dr. Dwight Allen    
A Call to the Nation Carter Conlon    
Adventures in Odyssey Focus on the Family    
Afterglow Afterglow Music    
American Family News American Family News Network    
American Family News - Week in Review American Family News Network    
Anchor Today **Customizable** David Wollen    
A New Beginning Greg Laurie    
Answers with Ken Ham Answers in Genesis    
A Quick Word with Beth Moore Beth Moore    
Aviva Nuestros Corazones Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth    
A Word With You Ron Hutchcraft    
Back to Genesis Institute for Creation Research    
Back to the Bible Back to the Bible    
Basic Gospel Live (M-F 4:00PM ET) Bob Christopher TECH INFO     (Click)  
The Bible Minute Back to the Bible    
Bible Principles Dr. Gene Getz    
Bible Q & A John MacArthur    
Bless Israel Intl. Fellowship Christians & Jews    
The Book Museum of the Bible    
BreakPoint Eric Metaxas/John Stonestreet    
BreakPoint This Week Eric Metaxas/John Stonestreet    
Brinkman Adventures Beachglass Ministries    
Boundless **Customizable** Focus on the Family    
Called2Action Live (M-F 4:06PM ET) Steve Noble TECH INFO     (Click)  
Cradle My Heart Kim Ketola    
Daily Hope Rick Warren    
Daily Hope Minute Rick Warren    
Daily Light for Daily Living Anne Graham Lotz    
Daren Streblow Comedy Show Daren Streblow    
Daren Streblow Comedy Show Highlights Daren Streblow    
Decision Minute Billy Graham/Franklin Graham    
Desencadenados Sunday Nick Stalnos (Spanish)  
Destined for Victory Daily Paul Sheppard    
Destined for Victory Weekly Paul Sheppard    
Diamonds in the Dust Joni Eareckson Tada    
Discover The Word ODB Ministries    
Down Gilead Lane Keys for Kids Ministries    
El Amor Que Vale Adrian Rogers (Spanish)    
En Contacto Charles Stanley (Spanish)    
Encouraging Words Darlene Sala    
End of Day Report with Gary Bauer American Values  
End of Day Report Weekend American Values  
End of the Age (M-F 12:05PM ET) Endtime Ministries TECH INFO     (Click)  
Enfoque a la Familia Focus on the Family (Spanish)    
FamilyLife Blended **Customizable** Ron Deal    
FamilyLife This Week Bob Lepine    
FamilyLife Today Dennis Rainey/Bob Lepine    
Family Health Checkup Samaritan Ministries    
FEBC Today Ed Cannon    
Financial Issues Daily(M-F 9:05AM ET) Dan Celia TECH INFO     (Click)  
Financial Issues Wkend.(Sat. 11:05AM ET) Dan Celia TECH INFO     (Click)  
First Person with Wayne Shepherd Wayne Shepherd Communications    
Focal Point Mike Fabarez    
Focal Point Weekend Mike Fabarez    
Focus on the Family **Customizable** Focus on the Family    
Focus on the Family Minute Focus on the Family    
Focus Weekend Focus on the Family    
Footsteps TWR    
Free Indeed Nick Stalnos    
Freedom's Call Liberty Counsel    
Friends of Israel Today Chris Katulka    
From His Heart Jeff Schreve    
Frontline Jerusalem Earl Cox    
The Garlow Perspective Jim Garlow    
Genesis Science Minute David Rives    
Get Hope TWR    
God's Great Outdoors Gerry Caillouet    
Grace to You John MacArthur    
Grace to You Weekend John MacArthur    
Grands Matter Ken Canfield    
Guidelines for Living Dr. Harold Sala    
A Harvest America Moment (CCM) Greg Laurie    
A Harvest America Moment (INSP) Greg Laurie    
HAVEN Now Charles Morris    
HAVEN on the Weekend Charles Morris    
HAVEN Today Charles Morris    
Heartbeat Salvation Army  
Holding All Things Together Redeemer Broadcasting    
Hope for the Heart June Hunt    
Hope in the Night (Tues.- Sat. 12:03AM ET) June Hunt TECH INFO     (Click)  
Hope Out Loud The Barrick Family    
Ignite with Barry Meguiar **Customizable** Barry Meguiar    
Indiana News Minute Bob Ditmer    
In Touch Charles Stanley    
Insight for Living Chuck Swindoll    
Insights Chuck Swindoll    
Intend with Allen Jackson Intend Ministries    
Intend Minute Intend Ministries    
Israel In The News Intl. Fellowship Christians & Jews    
It's Time to Pray Carter Conlon    
Janet Mefferd Minute Janet Mefferd    
Janet Mefferd Today **Customizable** Janet Mefferd    
Joni and Friends Joni Eareckson Tada    
Just a Minute Bob Christopher    
Just a Thought Ravi Zacharias    
Just Thinking Ravi Zacharias    
Key Life Steve Brown    
Keys for Kids **Customizable** Keys for Kids Ministries    
Knowing God Greg Laurie    
Know the Truth Philip De Courcy    
La Biblia Dice Back to the Bible (Spanish)    
Lamplighter Theatre Lamplighter Theatre    
Latido Salvation Army  
Laugh Again (US & Canada) Back to the Bible Canada    
Leading The Way Dr. Michael Youssef    
Let My People Think Ravi Zacharias    
License To Parent Daily Trace Embry    
License To Parent Weekly Trace Embry    
Life Issues Brad Mattes    
Listen to the Bible Max McLean    
Listen Up! Dr. James MacDonald  
Live Empowered with Kelley Latta Kelley Latta Ministries    
Living in the Light Anne Graham Lotz    
Living on the Edge Daily Chip Ingram    
Living on the Edge Weekend Chip Ingram    
Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers    
Making Your Life Count Steve Douglass    
Maravillosas Palabras de Vida Salvation Army  
Marriage Builders Radio Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr.    
The Mercy Minute Don Stephens    
Mission Network News OneWay Ministries
The Moody Church Hour Erwin Lutzer  
Momento Decisivo Dr. David Jeremiah (Spanish)  
Moments of Destiny Paul Sheppard    
Moments of Hope David Chadwick  
Moments of Hope Minute David Chadwick  
MoneyWise Rob West    
MoneyWise Weekend Rob West    
MoneyWise Minute Rob West    
My MoneyLife Chuck Bentley & David Ball    
New Beginnings Miriam Neff    
NewLife Live Daily (M-F 1:00PM ET) Steven Arterburn TECH INFO     (Click)  
Nightsounds Bill Pearce    
Not Religion NotReligion.com    
Nuestro Pan Diario ODB Ministries (Spanish)    
Odyssey Focus on the Family    
OneCry OneCry Radio    
Our Daily Bread ODB Ministries    
Parent Minute **Customizable** Keys for Kids Ministries    
Parenting Today's Teens Daily CCM Heartlight Ministries    
Parenting Today's Teens Daily INSP Heartlight Ministries    
Parenting Today's Teens Weekly Heartlight Ministries    
Pathway to Victory Dr. Robert Jeffress
Pathway to Victory Minute Dr. Robert Jeffress
Pathway to Victory Weekend Dr. Robert Jeffress
Paws and Tales Insight for Living
Plugged In **Customizable** Focus on the Family    
Portraits of Grace John MacArthur    
Pray For Israel Intl. Fellowship Christians & Jews    
Pro-Life Perspective Carol Tobias    
Proverbs 31 Proverbs 31 Ministry    
Psalm 95 National Christian Choir    
The Public Square American Policy Roundtable    
Radio Theatre Focus on the Family    
Reaching Your World Luis Palau    
Real FamilyLife Dennis Rainey    
Real Hope Minute Jeff Schreve    
The Reconnect One Carmen LaBerge    
Renewing Your Mind R.C. Sproul    
Renewing Your Mind Minute R.C. Sproul    
Revival...Outside the Walls Barry Meguiar    
Revive Our Hearts Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth    
Route 66 Dr. David Jeremiah  
Running to Win Erwin Lutzer  
Science, Scripture & Salvation Institute for Creation Research    
Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams Gail McWilliams    
Seeking Him Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth    
Share Life Today Dr. John Sorensen    
Solo un Minuto In Touch Ministries (Spanish)    
Songs in the Night Erwin Lutzer  
Speeding the Word JAARS  
Stand in the Gap (M-F 12:05PM ET) American Pastors Network TECH INFO     (Click)  
Starting Over Financially Miriam Neff    
Step Into My Shoes Compassion International    
The King is Coming Dr. Ed Hindson    
The Stewardship.com Minute Chris Brown    
The Storyteller Without Reservation  
Su Minuto en la Biblia (Spanish Route 66) Dr. David Jeremiah  
The Narrow Path (M-F 5:03PM ET) Steve Gregg TECH INFO     (Click)  
ThePoint John Stonestreet  
Thru the Bible Dr. J. Vernon McGee  
Time for Harvest Greg Laurie  
Today's Key Colin Smith  
Tony Perkins Minute Family Research Council    
Treasures from the Word Adrian Rogers  
Truth For Life Alistair Begg  
Truth Itself Bob Ditmer  
The Truth Pulpit Don Green    
Turning Point Dr. David Jeremiah  
Two Minutes with Tony Tony Evans  
Understanding the Times Jan Markell  
Understanding the Times Minute Jan Markell  
Unlocking the Bible Colin Smith  
Unshackled Nick Stalnos  
UpWords Max Lucado  
The Urban Alternative Tony Evans  
Vida en Familia Hoy FamilyLife (Spanish)    
Vision Para Vivir Insight for Living (Spanish)  
Voice of Truth Wakeup Call David Howard  
VOMRadio Daily Voice of the Martyrs  
VOMRadio Weekend Voice of the Martyrs  
Walk In The Word Dr. James MacDonald  
Washington Watch Family Research Council  
Washington Watch Live (M-F 5:04:30PM ET) Tony Perkins TECH INFO     (Click)  
We Kids Ken Boone  
What Are You Waiting For TWR    
Wisconsin Family Minute Bob Ditmer    
Wonderful Words of Life Salvation Army  
The Word the-word.info  
The Word and the World David M. Virkler  
Words To Live By ODB Ministries  
Word to the Wise Dr. William Blocker  
Worship and The Word Robert Morris  
You Think About That Steve Brown